Need Money? 12 Tricks to Make $100 Fast

Make Money Fast

There’s always a time when we wish we can make $100 fast. Whether it’s to pay an unexpected bill or to book a last-minute weekend getaway, you can put that cash to good use. It’s possible to make some extra money quickly with side hustles and a few other money hacks.

Shop with Cashback Apps

Anytime you shop online or in a store, see if you can use a cashback app. These apps give you a portion of each purchase back as a cash reward.

Ibotta saves you money on grocery purchases and select online purchases. If you shop online, Ebates gives you back up to 40% on your purchase amount. Instead of using this cash reward as an excuse to spend more, put the money in your bank account instead.

Many cashback apps, including Ebates and Ibotta, give you a $10 bonus after making your first purchase. If you’ve already done the math, signing up for these two apps is an instant $20 cash bonus!

Cut Your Unused Subscriptions

This trick only requires you to spend less money instead of working to make more money! Think of these savings as an instant pay raise. Trim is a free service that analyzes your spending to cancel any unused subscriptions like streaming plans and gym memberships.

You can also use Trim to scour the newest promotions so you don’t overpay for cable or internet anymore. They are also rolling out a new feature to help you save money on car insurance too.

If you tend to overdraft your checking account, Trim can send you low balance alerts too!

Sell Your Unused Items

Decluttering your house and garage is another simple way to make $100 fast. You can sell furniture, clothing, movies, books, and other tangible items. Depending on the value of your items, you can make significantly more.

The old-fashioned way of selling your items is by hosting a garage sale. But, you should also try selling your used items on the following online marketplaces:

Selling the item yourself usually means more profit, but you may need to use an instant sell website when you need the cash in a few days. If you truly need money quickly, several websites will buy your items at a lower price, including Decluttr. In many cases, they offer prepaid shipping and will send next day PayPal payment after they receive your box.

If you have bulky items you need to sell quickly, try taking them to a local consignment store for quick cash.

Claim Lost Money

Have you moved recently and didn’t get your security deposit back? Companies and government agencies continuously owe people money but don’t have a correct mailing address on file. So, the money sits in a vault until it’s claimed by the rightful owner.

If you’ve moved recently or changed your legal name, there’s a chance you have a check with your name written on it coming your way. It only takes a few minutes to find unclaimed money at Missing Money for you and your loved ones.

Free credit score sites can also help you find lost money. And, you also get your credit score for free.

Making money online with surveys

Be a Local Handyman

If you’re not afraid to get a little dirty, you can make money doing handyman tasks in your town. You can start by asking your friends and neighbors if they need any jobs completed like:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Pressure washing
  • Helping pack boxes or moving homes
  • Cleaning pools
  • Painting rooms

In addition to word of mouth referrals, you can also join an online platform like TaskRabbit.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you have a four-door vehicle, a clean driving record, and at least 21 years old, you can be a rideshare driver for Uber and Lyft. To double your driving opportunities, you can drive for both! You can choose the hours and routes you want to drive, so you have more flexibility than most side hustles.

Both companies are also offering sign-up bonuses to new drivers to get some extra cash too!

Deliver Food for DoorDash

You can also consider being a dasher for DoorDash and deliver food to hungry customers. Many restaurants with online ordering are now hiring feed delivery people through delivery companies like DoorDash.

If you didn’t meet the qualifications for being an Uber driver, the DoorDash requirements are more lenient. You only need to be 18 years old, and you can even walk or ride a bike to deliver.

Buy Groceries for Others

You can also deliver groceries to Instacart customers. You can either be an in-store shopper (no vehicle required) or a full-service shopper if you own a car and want to shop and deliver groceries.

Participate in Research Studies

Many colleges and research institutes are looking for paid volunteers to participate in research studies. Fieldwork is one place to find local research studies, or you can always ask your local hospital or college medical department if they have any current studies.

Creative ways to make money

Donate Plasma

If you’re not afraid of needles, you can make up to $400 a month donating plasma. You can give plasma twice a week. It takes two one-hour sessions to provide a complete donation, so make sure you schedule your follow-up appointment ASAP so you can get paid immediately.

You can find your closest plasma center by googling, “plasma centers near me.”

Freelance Online

This idea might require a little more hustle, but you can work from home with flexible hours. It can also be an excellent idea when you’re skilled in one of these professions:

  • Graphic design
  • Making music
  • Writing
  • Voiceovers

Freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are the best place to connect with new clients.

Apply for a New Credit Card

The best credit cards offer a sign-up bonus worth at least $150 when you spend at least $500 in the first three months. While you shouldn’t apply for a new credit card just for the bonus cash, it’s something to keep in mind if you’re going to be spending the qualifying amount of money anyways.

A rewards credit card also earns rewards points with each person that can be redeemed for cash back. Just make sure you pay your bill each month, so you can enjoy those rewards.

How Will You Make $100 Fast?

Some of these gigs can pay $100 in a single gig. Other suggestions might require pursuing several of these tricks at once. Regardless of which route you choose, it’s possible to make extra money quickly in your free time.