Get a FREE Bag of Peatos Snacks With This Coupon

Hey, hey folks!! This one is printing again. You can get a totally free bag of Peatos snacks when you print the coupon below. Be sure to check the store locator to be sure they have Peatos in your area. Our Kroger store has them. Hopefully there are stores in your area that carry them.

Here’s a quick tip: This product is NOT where you think it might be. I checked the chip and cracker isles several times and could not find any Peatos. I then took a trip around the produce section (yep veggies) and lo and behold, there they were! Kroger had a display under the potato bin. I have to say that Peatos are quite good.

This is up to a $2.99 value. Be sure to print and redeem soon before it expires. I’ll probably go grab ours at Kroger on Friday when I take advantage of their weekly Friday freebie. Hope you enjoy!

Print your coupon for Peatos here.

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