FREE 9 oz Johnson’s® Baby Powder at Walmart

Here’s an easy freebie for you to score the next time you’re at Walmart. Right now 9 oz Johnson’s® baby powder is $2.92 at Walmart. To get it free, first print out a $2.00 coupon from

After you make your purchase, you can submit the receipt in your Ibotta app and get $1.00 cash back to your account right away. As always, once you reach $20 in Ibotta you can cash out. I’ve been using Ibotta for about 7 months now and have nearly $100 in my account. And, what’s best is I only take advantage of the freebies. That means the PingBug household has gotten $100 worth of loot, while accumulating $100 in free cash. Not too shabby.

Print your coupon here.
Check out the Ibotta deal here.

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