FREE Bulldog Face Scrub for Men at Target

Here’s a nice freebie deal you can score using Ibotta and a Target Cartwheel discount. Mr. PingBug hasn’t tried the Bulldog products yet, but I’m intrigued ๐Ÿ™‚ They have a variety of skincare options like moisturizers, face wash, face scrubs and masks. My skin isn’t getting any younger, so I’m up for anything that will keep my mug lookin’ tight.

First load a 20% off deal from Target in your Cartwheel account. This means that the original price of $3.89 is now $3.11 at the register. Next submit your receipt in your Ibotta account to get a $3.39 cashback rebate. You actually end up making $0.28. Not too shabby, ehh?

Get the Cartwheel discount here.
Get the Ibotta freebate here.