FREE Pacific Shaving Company Products with Rebate

Freebates are awesome! I love getting to test out a product knowing that I’m being reimbursed for the original cost. Pacific Shaving Company has some really cool looking shaving creams and after shave lotions. Their products use no animal testing and have no parabens or sulfates.

A quick search of the store locator on their website tells me that you can find them at some Walmart stores, Target, and CVS. You might find different retailers near you.

The rebate covers several diffent products: Bamboo Pre-Shave Scrub, Ultra Slick Shave Stick, Natural Shaving Cream, Caffeniated After Shave (what the what?), and Caffeninated Shaving Cream. The maximum rebate is $7 per item. If you can find all these products in a store near you, then your freebate has a value of up to $35. Simply use their online rebate form to get yours submitted. It should take 8 weeks to get your rebate. Enjoy!

Request your rebate here.

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