Here’s a Simple Way to Earn $20 Just for Buying Schick Razors

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Yeah I know it seems odd, if not impossible, to get paid for buying things you already want or need. But, it’s happening everyday folks. I post about these types of deals all the time. In fact, it’s rare that I don’t walk into a Walmart, Target, or even a Kroger grocery store without a freebie in hand as I walk out. There are so many razor deals out there that I haven’t paid for a razor or blades in a couple years.

Free Stuff is Fun and Good for You

Bottom line, getting free stuff is fun and it’s good for your wallet too. If I put on my clinician’s cap (I used to be a School Psychologist), Behavior Theory will tell you that the reinforcing effects of these freebies can keep your “head in the game” of smart personal finance and maintaining your frugality. That’s a win win in my book.

Anyway let’s talk about razors and getting $20 bucks. For this particular scenario you’ll need to download the Ibotta app. I use this app all the time to get freebies. They come in the form of cash back rebates (freebates) that go directly to your PayPal account or Venmo account. You can also opt for gift cards when you cash out if you don’t use PayPal or Venmo. I use PayPal because I can move my cash directly to my checking account. All you need is $20 to cash out.

$20 For Buying Razors at Target

UPDATE: This particular deal has expired, but you can browse all their rebates here. Right now Ibotta has a deal that will give you $10 cash back when you purchase a Schick razor and refill pack at Target. Keep in mind this specific deal will only work at Target. Together the total coast of the razor and refill pack at Target is $18.48. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt with the Ibotta app and boom, $10 will be credited to your account. The best part is that if you’re new to Ibotta, you’ll also get an additional $10 bonus for uploading your first receipt. That’s 20 bucks total cash back you’ve received. At this point you have a money maker of $1.52.

Now that’s fun. You’ve got to love heading into a store and walking out with something you need, knowing that you just got paid to take it. Freebie deals like this obviously have expiration dates, but new ones come around every day. This particular Schick razor deal expires on February 13th 2019. Stay tuned to our blog or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest. We’ll keep you in the know!