Get Your Binge on This Weekend with FREE Showtime

SORRY EXPIRED – Normally I’d think spending all day watching tv would be a waste of time. But I’m not always normal. I mean, who is really? With Showtime offering up a FREE preview August 31st – Sept 3rd, my weekend could get lost in a little multi series catch-up. It’s time to find out what’s been happening on the last couple seasons of Shameless. For those who haven’t seen it, be sure to shut the door so the kids don’t walk in. Seriously.

I’m also going to check out the new original with Jim Carrey call Kidding. His character is experiencing a “slow leak of sanity” and thus it may be hard for me to look away. You know what I mean. It’s like when someone tells you to “smell this” and you do, without regard for the unpleasant possibilities.

I’ll likely also check out Who Is America, the half-hour series from Sacha Baron Cohen. You might want to watch this one with a friend. The cringe factor may be too severe to handle alone.

Check out the Showtime website to find out which providers and streaming services are available to you. Have fun!

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