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It’s all about the IHUT baby. What the what?! The IHUT. It stands for “in-home use test” and it’s how survey companies help brands learn more about their products and the current competitive landscape.

IHUTs have been around for decades. Researchers (a.k.a survey companies) actually used to visit people personally in their homes. They gave folks cool products to use and keep. Afterwards, they’d conduct an interview about what they liked and disliked. This process was labor intensive and very expensive.

Thankfully with the emergence of better technology options and online survey panels, it’s easier to conduct an IHUT. But where and how do you get selected for these free products?

Can’t Win if You Don’t Play πŸ˜‰

The best way to get selected to receive FREE products is to first become a member of a few reputable survey companies. There are a ton of them out there, but I recommend sticking with those having a proven track record (more on that later). Once you’re a member, you’ll end up completing your demographic profile.

This is very important because it’s one of the more important factors involved in selecting who get’s picked to receive free products. For example, a manufacturer of new car seats for toddlers might be looking for insights from Moms and Dads in the Midwest before they begin their marketing campaign. Without an accurate profile from you, they wouldn’t know who to select.

It Starts With a Few Surveys πŸ“

Once you’ve joined, you’ll need to prove you’re legit. What I mean by this is that survey companies measure the quality of their panel by the capability of the people providing survey insights. Those with poor quality scores will see fewer survey invites or perhaps no invites at all. Ultimately, those getting frequent survey invites have a much better chance of getting FREE products while participating in IHUTs. So how do you prove you’re legit?

The 3 keys to Increase Your Odds of Getting FREE Products

βœ”οΈData rules! – when you provide high quality responses, your data is in high demand. For instance, many surveys include “open ended” questions that ask for your personal opinions about a specific topic. Researchers look at every single response and throw out those that lack quality insight.

βœ”οΈConsistency – when you demonstrate consistency and reliability through your survey taking history, they know they can trust you. For example, when completing screener questions, don’t say you’re an Engineer one time and a Dentist the next. Honesty leads to consistency.

βœ”οΈ Spread your chances – I typically like to remain active in about 3 to 4 survey companies simultaneously. That’s about all I can handle. Some folks are members of more than a dozen. That level of commitment is just not for me. Nevertheless, the more survey companies you belong to, the greater your chances of being selected.

Keeping it Simple

I’m going to recommend only one company for now, just to keep things simple for this post. I wouldn’t necessarily suggest you sign up with this survey company solely for purpose of earning extra money, because… well, there are other panels that I think are more user friendly. However, this company has some distinct advantages with regard to FREE products through IHUTs, in my opinion. When they’re accepting new members, be sure to sign up.

Start off with Ipsos i-Say

Here’s the reason. They are one of the largest research firms in the world, but most importantly, they test over 7,000 different products annually. That’s the secret sauce. To get the free stuff to use in home (and keep), it can’t hurt to sign up with a company that is heavily involved in product testing. Boom! Now you know.

The other good thing about Ipsos i-Say, is they also create micro communities, which are another great source for getting multiple free products. As an example, a panelist could be selected to participate in a micro community focused on beauty products. Beauty samples are among the most sought after freebies we feature on PingBug.

When you get signed up, don’t forget to accurately fill out your demographic profile and take a few surveys when they’re offered to you. While there’s no guarantee you’ll get selected, you can be sure you won’t if you don’t try πŸ™‚

Sign up with Ipsos i-Say Here


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