Get a FREE 2-Pack Sample of Cambio Roasters Recyclable K-Cups

Yo coffee lovers… shift your gaze this way. When you do you’ll find that Cambio Roasters has a lovely sample opportunity to try their amazing (I assume it is, but honestly haven’t tried it yet.. can’t wait) small batch roasted coffees.

Cambio Roasters uses 100% recyclable pods and gives 20% of their profits back to coffee farmers. You’ll also find that their coffee, while purportedly a premium product, is affordably priced. I’m seeing an average of around $0.50 per pod. Not bad for the good stuff.

To request yours, you’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter. I think that’s a “fair trade”… see what I did there? Anyway, I can’t wait to give their french roast and Sumatran (medium-dark) a try.

Request your sample here.

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